I started writing stories as soon as I was old enough to form letters, placing chubby finger-spaces in between the words as I went along, and drawing intricate pictures to illustrate them. But I think perhaps it takes a lifetime of experience to remember what you love…

I enrolled at McMaster University as a Political Science student, convinced I was meant to study law. It was an inspirational speech by a professor who wasn’t even mine at the time (thank you, Dr. David Clark) that changed my course. I literally changed my courses right then and there, and eventually graduated with a degree in English and Art History.

I fell in love with the world, spent a few years traveling and living in Japan and southern Africa, and eventually enrolled in a photojournalism program at Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC.

I’ve spent the past decade working as a reporter, photographer, editor, and communications specialist, and more recently, having children and raising a family.

Together with my husband, I have lived in Europe, Toronto, and Montreal, and developed an expert knowledge of pinhole photography. Our artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, Contact Photography Festival, and Fstop magazine.

Along with writing and creative arts, I’ve also had a lifelong interest in spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, beginning when I was a young teenager, hiding my Thich Nhat Hanh books from my friends and parents like shameful contraband. I am passionate about vipassana and metta meditation.

Currently, I live in Port Elgin, Ontario, and write a blog: www.themindfulhomemaker.com.